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Pamela Chin

Welcome to my about me page.
My name is Pamela Chin. I am a graphic designer/ photographer and writer. I have 5 years as a graphic artist / production artist. I studied traditional animation at Pratt Institute. 
I am learning how to eat more healthy and cooking my own meals and decided to share some recipes and rants on what to know. 
I have a bachelor's degree in fine arts in film.  I self published 4 books using here is my link to my books @

Here is my flash animation work Link

Here are some t-shirt designs I did please take a look and buy if you like them.

I can freelance as a sketch artist and paint. You can contact me by email @ and send a picture of your liking. I can in turn sketch and watercolor you.

if not check out my deviantart artwork

Behance art

Linkedin Page

Etsy shop

To buy my amigurumi crochet creations
Graphic Artist/photographer/writer
"There is no failure unless you fail to keep trying. Go with the flow and may ripples along the way."